Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept new patients?
Yes. Please call 970-330-7200 and we will schedule an appointment that works for your busy schedule.
Do you take walk-in appointments?
We are requesting everyone who comes to our office have a scheduled appointment, as we control the patient flow through our office during the current health recommendations.
How are you responding to help patient safety during these times?
All patients, unless they have a medical condition that prohibits mask use, are currently requested to wear a face covering of the patient’s choice when visiting our office. If yours is at home, we generally can provide a new mask at no charge to our patients. All diagnostic, examination equipment, exam chairs, eyeglass frames, etc., are sanitized between patients. Staff and doctors are monitored for signs of illness. We do request that patients not directly enter the office if they are not feeling well or were very recently sick (please call us from home or the parking lot for instructions), and to please to allow a personal temperature reading, if requested. Although our doctors and staff are not walking around in hazmat gear(!), we have always provided an environment that always enhances patients’ wellness! Because at Apex Vision and WELLNESS, since the first day we opened, we’ve ALWAYS been interested in the WELLNESS of our patients. Any questions, please call 970-330-7200.
Do we accept insurance?
Yes, we are in-network providers for most, but not all vision and medical plans. We will help you understand your benefits. Please confirm participation by checking your plan’s website, or feel free to call our office for confirmation or questions.
Do you see kids?
Yes, our doctors are trained to diagnose and treat the issues that youngsters can manifest. Generally, we see kids from age 3 and up. We will make your children feel comfortable and at ease during their visit.
Do you sell eyeglasses?
Absolutely! We stock approximately 650 always current, fashion frames, from many of your favorite designers, for style, quality, value, and to make you look your very best. We realize picking out a new look in a frame can be a bit difficult for some. Thus, our highly experienced opticians will be glad to give you personal opinions on the frame and thin lenses that will bring out your very best appearance. They know how to make you look great!
At my last eye office, my doctor didn't seem to have anything to do with measuring my eye powers as his staff performed all of that. At your office, who measures the glasses prescription or contact lenses for my eyes?
Our owner-optometrists feel as doctors, they are uniquely trained and qualified to measure the power of your eyes. They will always measure your eyes themselves. They will NOT rush you through the process. The doctors want you to see your best and they enjoy helping a patient achieve that result. In addition, the doctors will confer with our opticians regarding your very personal custom eyeglass order, and the doctors themselves place the orders. The doctors determine the appropriate contact lenses for your eyes. You will get plenty of “personal doctor time” at our office.
I have a higher prescription, but don't like heavy glasses or thick lenses. Can you help me?
Yes, we use the best lens fabrication labs to obtain the best combination of thin, light lenses, with wonderful optical clarity. A pair of glasses is a personal and custom order. We give every glasses order several aspects of analysis to achieve these goals. And we have access to every lens material currently available.
I'm a bit older and need help reading up close. I would rather not have bifocal lines in my lenses...
We totally understand where you are coming from! Although lined bifocals are still available, there is seldom a good reason to pursue those old technology(Ben Franklin era) lenses. No Line lenses exactly called Progressive Addition Lenses, are the modern lenses of choice. No lines in the way. The key is to have a very accurate prescription and to confer with the patient to find the right lens and cost combination, to fit that person’s uniquely individual needs. We offer the truly latest modern high technology lenses for best visual and cosmetic appearance.
Any safety glasses? My work requires OSHA approved safety eyewear
Yes, we offer a selection of OSHA approved safety glasses and OSHA approved AND identified lenses.
I've heard that there are new contact lens materials available.
Do you offer these? Yes, our doctors are trained in and we have access to the latest and greatest contact lenses(soft, low astigmatism/high astigmatism, rigid gas permeable, and bifocal). Please mention what you’re interested in and we will help determine if the lenses are right for you.
Do you offer treatment for: eye diseases? red eyes? allergy? dry eyes?
Yes, our highly trained and experienced optometrists are able to help you with the majority of these eye conditions, and we can accept many medical insurance plans to help you decrease out of pocket costs. Feel free to call with any questions.
Why should I choose Apex Vision and Wellness for my eyecare and eyewear?
Great question and we can offer an enthusiastic answer. Our optometrist-owners were educated at one of the top (some would say the finest) colleges of optometry in the US, including extensive additional training at the best medically oriented clinics. They have years of experience and continue their education at nationally recognized conferences. Our highly trained and friendly staff is motivated to work with and assist our patients. EVERY eyeglass frame in our office was individually chosen in person from our frame representatives. We see patients of all ages and Dr. Lopez is Spanish language fluent for those who prefer their care in Spanish. We’re local and WE CARE!