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1996, was a good year, as our doctors began their northern Colorado located careers providing cutting edge eye care and optometric services in Greeley, CO. Our doctor-owners are proud to serve patients of all ages from across northern Colorado. Our mission is to provide patients with caring, experienced and professional eye care, that not only helps them achieve and maintain good eye health, but good overall health and wellness. All patients are treated with caring respect and dignity.

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Comprehensive Optometric Care

Vision and Eye Health Examinations

Whether your vision is naturally clear, or you wear glasses and/or contact lenses, regular eye evaluations are an important part for maintaining excellent eye health. Our thorough and comprehensive examinations help us monitor existing conditions, as well as identify any changes in your eyesight. Vision changes can be a gradual process, and eye problems can occur at any age. Our eye evaluations includes analysis for signs of glaucoma, which includes (but is not limited to) checking the fluid pressure in your eyes, and the determination of your optical prescription. Utilizing regular eye exams ensures you maintain your best eye health. We are proud to provide vision and eye health exams for adults, seniors, children, and toddlers. We are family oriented, and will provide a fun and positive experience for any apprehensive children.

Contact Lens Evaluations and Fittings:

If you are a contact lens patient or simply contact lens curious (am I a contact lens candidate?), you will need one of our optometrists to complete a contact lens evaluation. During the evaluation, our doctors (who also wear eyeglasses AND contact lenses themselves) will perform additional analysis to evaluate your potential for healthy contact lens use. We will explain your contact lens options, why one type may be more beneficial than another, patient costs involved, and begin the fitting process-often the same day- with the patient’s authorization. Once the contact lens evaluation including any follow-up care is completed to the patient’s and doctor’s satisfaction, your contact lens prescription is then considered complete. Welcome to the freedom of contact lenses!

We provide contact len evaluations and fitting for both routine patients and patients requiring specialized analysis and care. For more information about our contact lens offerings, please visit our Contact Lens page.

Full Service Optical

Our in office optical offers over 650 quality eyeglasses frames for adults and children. We are proud to carry frames from your favorite designers, to fit every style and budget. From Italian and French designer frames to basic budget frames, we are fully authorized to warranty all of our frame lines. Our opticians will work with you to find the frames that match your personality and lifestyle. With a selection as extensive as ours, choosing your next frame is fun!

We all enjoy trying on and choosing the style of the eyeglasses frame. But according to Dr. Dinnebeck, the less exciting but supremely important part of the eyeglasses prescription are the lenses. In addition to our wide selection of frames, we are authorized distributors for all major lens brands and always offer appropriate thin eyeglasses lenses for a patient’s best appearance. These days, progressive lens technology(PAL) is all over the board from embarrassingly poor 25 year old or “knock-off” technology, to visually easy to use state of the art high definition free-form designs. We routinely re-evaluate our lens offerings to ensure we are offering the latest PAL technology for our patients. No one has better PAL designed lenses than our optical, and most opticals don’t use the lens technology we offer. Many have told us they have never seen as clearly as with our lenses.

For more information about our eyeglasses frame and lenses selection, please check out our eyewear page.

Same Day URGENT Care

If you are experiencing an eye health related urgency, our doctors are here for you. We treat most types of eye disease including: foreign bodies, red eyes, infections, contact lens overwear, and more. If your condition warrants care not available through our office, we will assist you in determining who may be able to provide your additional care. One way or the other, we are here for you!

Safety Eyewear

If your work environment requires you to wear safety glasses, Apex Vision & Wellness is proud to include a line of prescription safety glasses. These provide you with the protection you need, while helping you see as if you are wearing your normal, everyday glasses. Our selection of protective prescription eyewear meets the required safety standards to keep you safe on the job site. Lenses and frames meet and have official markings to meet OSHA standards and inspection. Even better, our safety frames are stylish and not boring!

Advanced Eye Health Care

Glaucoma Diagnosis/Treatment

This is an important topic, and one area that our doctors always attend the latest continuing education, to continually expand their knowledge in this critical area. Many older patients have heard of this disease, but most have inadequate knowledge of it. And worse, glaucoma rarely has any symptoms that most patients recognize. Early diagnosis and treatment is paramount in preventing complete vision loss(as in total blindness) from glaucoma. Together with you the respected patient, our doctors will work to properly diagnose, maintain and preserve your vision and explore the appropriate treatment options and care.

Cataract Evaluations

Our skilled optometrists, utilize excellent biomicroscopes that are built with precision optics, to give them a complete view of any cataract in your eyes. We will discuss and demonstrate any cataract findings that the patient may have, and discuss prognosis as well as current or future treatment plans. As a wellness practice, we and most of our patients prefer less than more personal surgery. We can discuss ways to try and slow any cataract progression. If a surgical correction is the best option, we will work with the patient to explore this option. As always, any questions are thoroughly answered.

Macula Degeneration

Macula degeneration, observed in some older (generally) patients, generally progresses slowly over time. The effect on a person’s vision is minimal, if unnoticeable, in the early stages. As it develops, it becomes harder for a patient to see fine details, such as small print. Vision may also be distorted and parts of an object may appear to be missing. This disease does not cause any pain. The vision loss is typically slow, but may become severe over time. Although it does not cause “lights out” blindness, the result for some patients can be profound. Dr. James Dinnebeck developed an extended interest in this disease as his mother developed a severe form of this condition. He utilizes all of the additional knowledge he acquired in risk factors, diagnosis, and treatment options with all of his patients. Both doctors discuss nutritional options as well as lifestyle modifications that generally are a help for most macula degeneration patients.

Treatment of Eye and Eyelid Infection/Inflammation

Red eyes, pink eye, eye discharge. Pain. Light sensitivity. Am I infectious? What’s going on with my eye? What’s causing this? There are number of symptoms and signs associated with eye infections and inflammations. Sometimes a patient is infectious and sometimes not. Sometimes the cause of the problem is local at the eye(s) and sometimes it’s from other areas in the head or body. If you suspect you have an eye infection and/or inflammation, do not hesitate to schedule an eye office medical visit .If you normally wear contact lenses, you should refrain and only wear your glasses until you have received an accurate diagnosis. When appropriate, we will prescribe medication that will help resolve the patient’s condition. If a systemic cause is suspected, we will help the patient understand who might be able to offer that analysis and treatment.

Removal of Foreign Objects from the Eye and Eyelids

Occasionally, a patient is using a power tool, working on a project, or simply driving down the road, and they acquire a an irritating or painful foreign body in their eye. If you have an eye foreign body or suspect one, you should have it removed ASAP. Steel foreign bodies rust in the eye in a very short period of time,and require the optometrist to remove additional rust contaminated tissue from the eye. Certain foreign bodies have a higher potential of causing an especially severe eye infection than others. Our doctors will work to quickly and safely remove the object from your eye or eyelid and preserve your vision utilizing comfortable and effective anesthetic eye drops. Patients are very comfortable! Often an antibiotic eyedrop is prescribed to help and protect the healing after removal.

LASIK Laser Eye Correction

LASIK is currently the most popular refractive laser procedure in the United States. It is used to correct a range of vision problems including nearsightedness, hyperopia, and astigmatism. It is meant to reduce a patient’s dependency on contact lenses and prescription glasses. This laser procedure corrects vision problems by reshaping the cornea. The procedure is virtually painless and is accomplished in a short period of time per eye.

Upon completion of your eye examination, our doctors will be glad to answer any questions the patient may have regarding the procedure and if they are a candidate for this type of vision correction. LASIK results in a permanent change to one’s eyes, so it’s important to be well informed. For more details, contact us today to schedule your eye examination!

PRK Laser Eye Surgery Consultations

Photorefractive keratectomy (PRK) was the first type of laser eye correction. It is a predecessor to LASIK. While the recovery time for PRK procedures takes a little longer than LASIK, it is still performed and offers different and sometimes additional advantages for some patients. The results of this procedure are comparable to LASIK, but the recovery time is a bit longer. As with LASIK, PRK results in a permanent change to one’s eyes, so it’s important to be well informed. For more details, contact us today to schedule your eye examination!

Pre/Post Laser Eye Surgical Management

If you are a candidate for refractive laser eye correction, such as LASIK or PRK, we have partnered with highly experienced refractive surgeons. For patient comfort and convenience, pre- and postoperative care can be performed by your doctor here at Apex Vision & Wellness. This offers our patients a big advantage, as they have access to the expertise of a surgeon who has performed thousands of refractive surgerys, yet still receives the majority of convenient care from the doctor who knows their eyes best: their local optometrist at Apex Vision and Wellness.

Nutrition and Wellness Recommendations

Maintaining good overall health has significant benefits for your eyes. Together with our awesome patients, our skilled optometrists will help you understand what types of foods, liquids, nutritional supplements, and lifestyle changes; are considered beneficial for optimal eye, vision, and overall health. Although this is an area not emphasized by most eye offices, the optometrists at Apex Vision and Wellness practice what they preach. Let’s be proactive in keeping our visual health and overall wellness as good as it can be!

Dedicated Eye Care & Optical Services in west Greeley, CO

At Apex Vision & Wellness, our goal is to provide the highest quality eyecare and optical services in Greeley, CO, in a comfortable and welcoming environment. Our doctors and staff are committed to providing you with respect, interest, and kindness. We will take the time to get to know your vision needs and create a care plan that takes your these needs into account.

Respecting the importance of an optimal eyeglasses prescription, the doctors perform all measurements (refraction) of your prescription themselves, and then incorporate all information learned from the patient in developing the final glasses prescription. Patients have come to our office frustrated with being rushed through the refraction process at other offices. We guarantee to not rush the patient, and thus have a nearly 100% accuracy in glasses prescription determination.

Whether you need an optimal glasses or contact lens prescription, diagnosis and treatment for a eye health condition, or are looking to upgrade your glasses and eyewear, we have the products and service you can count on.

For more information about our eyecare and optical services, or to schedule an appointment, please contact Apex Vision & Wellness today at 970-330-7200. Our friendly staff members will gladly assist you, and our doctors look forward to meeting you!