Full Service Optical in Greeley, CO

Prescription Eyeglasses for Children & Adults

As part of our commitment to quality eye care, we are proud to offer a full service Fashion optical in Greeley, CO. In addition to our range of optometry services we offer our patients a wide range of quality eyeglasses frames. With over 650 current adult and children’s styles available, our frame selection features frames to fit every style and budget.

Whether you’re looking for better designer Italian or French frames or just basic budget frames, we are fully authorized for all of our frame lines. We are proud to provide our patients with glasses and frames that are known for their quality, fashion, performance, and value. Why is our selection known for an exceptional number of wonderful frames? Dr. Mildred Lopez and our staff personally pick and choose the best of the best when they meet with our frame representatives. They only order the most exciting and beautiful designs available. And it shows!

In addition to our eyeglasses selection, we also provide contact lenses fittings and consultations for corrective laser eye surgery. Together with you, our doctors, opticians, and staff will help you find the prescription eyewear you need. We will work with you as a team!

Our selection of modern, fashionable eyeglasses include:

AlexanderAlexander Eyeglasses
Ann TaylorAnn Taylor Eyeglasses
Ben ShermanBen Sherman Eyeglasses
Betsey JohnsonBetsey Johnson Eyeglasses
BrendelBrendel Eyeglasses
COACHCoach Eyeglasses
Cole HaanCole Haan Eyeglasses
CremieuxnCremieux Eyeglasses
CruzCruz Eyeglasses
Draper JamesDraper James Eyeglasses
FYSHFYSH Eyeglasses
Harley DavidsonHarley Davidson Eyeglasses
HeliumHelium Eyeglasses
Jimmy CrystalJimmy Crystal Eyeglasses
Joseph AbboudJoseph Abboud Eyeglasses
Lulu GuinnessLulu Guinness Eyeglasses
OVVOOVVO Eyeglasses
OakleyOakley Eyeglasses
RaybanRayban Eyeglasses
Rachel RoyRachel Roy Eyeglasses
SpyderSpyder Eyeglasses
SuperflexSuperflex Eyeglasses
bebeBebe Eyeglasses
Anne KleinAnne Klein Eyeglasses
Nicole MillerNicole Miller Eyeglasses
CB SportsCB Sports Eyeglasses
Anna SuiAnna Sui Eyeglasses
Sperry TopsiderSperry Topsider Eyeglasses
RevlonRevlon Eyeglasses
WildflowerWildflower Eyeglasses
Elizabeth ArdenElizabeth Arden Eyeglasses
Pepe Jeans LondonPepe Jeans London Eyeglasses
L’AMY FranceL'AMY France Eyeglasses
L’AMY VisionsL'AMY Visions Eyeglasses
Easy ClipEasy Clip Eyeglasses
TakumiTakumi Eyeglasses
Cool ClipsCool Clips Eyeglasses
Joseph AbboudJoseph Abboud Eyewear
AltairAltair Eyeglasses

We believe the kids should look great and confident in their glasses too! We feature frames by:

CrocsCrocs Eyewear
Jalapenos (colorful, fun frames)Jalapenos (colorful, fun frames)
Pepe JeansPepe Jeans Glasses
EasyClipEasyClip Eyeglasses
Cool ClipsCool Clips Eyewear
Easy TwistEasy Twist Glasses
TurboflexTurboflex Glasses
Sight for StudentsSight for Students Eyewear
Pepe JeansPepe Jeans Glasses
RaybanRayban Eyeglasses
New GlobeRayban Eyeglasses
Ovo OpticsRayban Eyeglasses

Eyeglasses Lenses

Picking out new stylish or trendy frames is fun, but lenses are the most important part of your precise vision. Apex Vision & Wellness is proud to be an authorized distributor for ALL major brands of the thinnest eyeglasses lenses. This type of lens allow you to have thinner, lighter weight lenses, and eyeglasses without sacrificing your ability to see. Our goal is to offer the thinnest appropriate lenses for each patient’s prescription, to maximize your personal appearance. And everyone wants lightweight glasses!

In addition, we are proud to offer the following types of lenses:

Progressive Lenses

Middle age causing a loss in your near vision focusing? No Problem!

The solution: Sometimes referred to as “no-line bifocals”, progressive lenses give you a youthful look by eliminating the lines in traditional bifocals or trifocals. Why look older when this type of lens greatly hides the fact that you have had a few birthdays and could use some reading help? And with our state of the art technology, your visual tasks will be made easier compared to lenses with lines. We feature high definition technology lenses including advanced lens thinning materials for an attractive, and performance based, youthful appearance. Regardless of the prescription, our patients look great in their lenses!

Anti-Reflective Coated Lenses

Anti-Reflective(anti-glare) lenses greatly reduce the reflections and glare that appears on both sides of all optical surfaces. Lenses in movie cameras, picture cameras, microscopes, telescopes, flat TV screens, computer monitors, etc.; all are made with and perform best with A/R coating technology. And so do your eyeglasses! Because the glare is greatly reduced, your appearance is maximized and people can see your beautiful eyes and not their own reflections in the lenses. It makes computer use easier because it minimizes the reflections coming into your eyes from the monitor. Anti-reflective coated lenses are also greatly beneficial for driving at night, as it reduces halos around lights at nights. And ultimately, your vision at any distance and in any light is enhanced. The vast majority of our patients choose eyewear made with our advanced A/R technology. Please consider adding this to your next lenses.

Photochromic Lenses

If you are looking for a lens option that automatically adjusts to light conditions, more light inside, less light outside; photochromic lenses are a great option for you. This type of lens changes automatically from indoor to outdoor conditions, reducing your need for both regular glasses and sunglasses. When two separate pairs of glasses is inconvenient or not in the budget, photochromic lenses are a great cost savings option! We feature Transitions Lenses, the standard in photochromic lens. Please ask to see a demonstration today.

Eyeglass Guides by Transitions

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