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Proudly Serving Greeley, CO & Northern Colorado Communities

Apex Vision & Wellness provides a range of eye care and optical services in Greeley, CO. our doctors, Mildred Lopez Dinnebeck,OD, and James Dinnebeck, OD are proud to serve patients of all ages. Together with their staff, they provide an extended range of eye health services including eye exams, eye disease diagnosis and treatment, prescription glasses, contact lens consultations, and eye nutritional advice.

Our doctors have access to and prescribe both soft contact lenses as well as rigid contact lenses (RGP). Dr. James Dinnebeck has a special interest in RGP Bifocal contact lenses and has seen an exceptionally high success rate with these challenging contact lens modalities. The doctors utilize only name brand lenses that appropriately fit each patient’s needs. While providing our patients with the newest technologies is a priority, the lenses we provide to patients are based on their own unique needs.

Providing Patients With Customized Contact Lenses

After your general eye examination, you and your Apex Vision optometrist can discuss the contact lens options available to you. Your doctor will work with you to find the best lens option to fit your vision and lifestyle needs. For the majority of patients, we have diagnostic lenses in stock for same day dispensing.

For patients who require higher astigmatism correction, custom RGP lenses, and so on; diagnostic lenses are ordered that day and the doctors continue the patient’s contact lens evaluation as soon as the lenses are manufactured.

Dr.’s Mildred Lopez Dinnebeck and James Dinnebeck, have extensive experience in prescribing the full range of modalities of contact lenses. This includes: soft lenses, toric lenses, clear, color enhancing lenses, and including more challenging situations such as high astigmatism, monovision, or bifocal lenses. These types of lenses allow patients with multifocal, progressive or bifocal lenses; the opportunity to continue or begin wearing contacts. Our bifocal contact lenses include soft lens as well as RGP. We ourselves wear contact lenses and enthusiastically support your desire to successfully utilize contact lens technology.

For more information about our contact lens selection or to schedule an appointment, please contact us today at 970-330-7200. Our staff and doctors are dedicated to helping you enhance your lifestyle with personalized contact lens options.